Sunday, May 4, 2008

Learn English by Using LEARNNC

How to learn English by using LEARRNC.

LEARNNC is such a great resource! There are things you need to know to get the most from using this site.

LEARNNC is divided into sections.
The part that will be the most useful for you is on the right side of the screen.

I. The Sections You Need to Learn English
Follow these directions, now.
1. Right-click on the LEARNNC.
2. Click "Open in a new tab."
3. Look at the home page of LEARNNC.
4. Find the dark blue column on the right side of the page.

A. For Students:
5. Find the sections that says
"For Students
Primary: K 1 2
Elementary: 3 4
Middle: 6 7 8
Secondary: 9–12"

6. Now, click on your grade level, or the grade level at which you best work.
7. For example, if you click on Grade 5, you will see this:
Hot topics for grade 5
8. If you click on the Hot Topic: 50 States, you will see:
Everything you need for that state report! Each link will take you to learning activities.
American FactFinder Kids' Site
Who makes up this great country of ours? Learn about the US Census, get facts about the people in your state, and have fun trying the quiz questions.
Internet Public Library's Stately Knowledge
The usual facts and figures you are looking for, but also charts to compare state size and population, as well as a chart of the dates each state entered the Union.
The US 50
Fast Facts, Geography, History, Outdoors and more, plus each state includes a state quiz.

You will also find a Research Guide, a Reference Desk, & a Teacher's Corner. Each of these will help you learn English.

B. This section has a Search engine. If you want to learn nouns, you would type "nouns" into the search engine box, and lessons will appear. Click on those links to get the lessons.

II. The Best of the Web
Find the link in the dark blue column on the right side of the page that says, "Best of the Web". This awesome link will help you, not only to learn English, but to do research on almost any topic.
Click on "Best of the Web", and you will see a search box. If your topic was "Hitler", that is what you would type. Try that now.
You will see that LEARNNC has found 15 websites on Hitler for you.
These sites have been verified by UNC-CH as valuable educational sites. Research doesn't get any easier than this! I love LEARNNC and UNC-CH. :)

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