Monday, May 5, 2008


I love LEARNNC. Their saying is, "education wants to be free." What a wonderful role model they are. They, and my foreign friends, have been my inspiration for this blog. My philosophy reflects theirs. I too think that education wants to be free. My blog is my simple attempt at making education free for those who want to learn English.

I have had the privilege of studying under some of their instructors. I found them to be intelligent, dedicated, and enormously helpful teachers. Learning under them was a privilege that I will always cherish. Through Bobby Hobgood, Ed.D, I learned how to publish a lesson plan. Through his detailed explanations & marvelous insights, was able to have a lesson plan published on LEARNNC. I consider that another privilege. I am truly humbled to see my work there.

Through Kathryn Walbert,, I took "African American History Through 1950." Her excellent guidance through this fascinating course inspired me to write a children's novel on the Harlem Renaissance, which I wrote under the psuedonym, Sadie Stone. My wonderful illustrator, and great friend, is Sombat Southivorarat.

I learned so much from these talented educators!

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David M. Quintana said...

Great idea for a blog..I wish you the best of luck in your worthwhile endeavor..!

I'll pass on your blog to some other "online" friends with blogs..!